How you can help support wausau bible church

The goal of Wausau Bible Church is not to have the fanciest building, latest innovations or cutting edge programs.  Our goal is to equip men, women and children to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and cultivate discipleship - beyond our walls, into our families, our communities and wherever there is a heart willing to hear from His Word.  We are also heavily committed to supporting missionaries who have this same attitude.


We're not interested in selling you on us.  We want you to look at us, but see Jesus.  All the glory belongs to Him.

If you are able, would you please take a moment and consider how God may be stirring you up to join in our efforts to spread Good News?

ways you can support the ministry of wausau bible Church:

reaching Out

Come visit us.  Email us.  Call us.  We would love to meet you and help you on your walk with Jesus Christ.

through prayer

As we pray for you, would you please take a moment to pray for us?


Please click the green Give button to help support the discipleship and evangelism ministry of Wausau Bible Church.

thank you



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