women's bible study



Women's Thursday Morning Bible Study - Fall 2017


There is still time to sign up for a new ladies’ Bible study which begins this Thursday at 9:30 a.m. and will be taught by Jean Kallio and Linda Juvinall. The study book is Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin and covers the topics of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Beatitudes, true righteousness, our influence on others, our treasures, and much more. The cost is $14.00. Contact Jean or Linda for more information.




An encouragement from Julie Juvinall:


Here is a GREAT, REALISTIC reminder that a little Bible reading several times a day is better than missing your "Plan A" and chucking Bible reading the rest of the day.

Set up a "Plan B, C, D, etc." , but don't give up!!!

Thanks to all the ladies who came out for our first "From One Mom to Another" meeting!

James 1:5-7 and James 3:13-18 was our focus on how to have "Wisdom from Above".  

Pray for God's Wisdom.Carefully consider your character-good works, meekness. Seek God's help to put on purity, carry peace with you like an emergency kit, seek to be humble and easy to be entreated...