Simply Beautiful Words

Ephesians 4:29-30, " fits the occasion"

So there I was, considering the finer points of cessationism vs. continuationism. As I reached page 1001 of the required reading, I thought to myself, Why would anoyone ever intentionally do this to themselves? In the end, however, I did enjoy my project and was richly blessed with a greater appreciation for God and His Word. But many will reject such reading as soon as terms like those above are introduced, and they will want to be done with "whatever that was" and move on to something more "practical."

I think of the treasures so many have missed by not spending a little more time with our old, dead, Christian friends such as Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, A.H. Strong or Jonathan Edwards (by comparison to literature today, they did not always use simple terminology). Jesus and Paul teach us in God's Word to communicate understandably. There is also something to be said for using beautiful words when praising God's majesty. The men mentioned above were not trying to be intellectual snobs. Many times, the "bigger words" are ideas that theologians have come to know and then need a term to accurately discuss agreed-upon idea packages. To think of many concepts in one term can be both beneficial and beautiful.

For example, Farmer Brown comes to Jerry and says, "It may be tough down here, but it's gonna be great up there!" Jerry is encouraged. Compare that with the following line from Margaret Clarkson.

"O Father, You are sov'reign, the Lord of human pain,

Transmuting earthly sorrows to gold of heav'nly gain."

-"O Father, You are Sovereign," 1983, Hope Publishing Co., CCLI #235032

Now, Jerry may be less encouraged if Dr. Reputatavian III, Ph.D., D.Min., H.I.J.K.L.M.N.O.P. were to sit down and say, "Jerry, God is in the process of transmuting these earthly sorrows to celestial, yea, perpetual bliss." Jerry is thinking, This guy's a snob! (And in this example, Jerry is probably right.) But Dr. Luke was not trying to be a snob when he used the 20-letter word προκεχειροτονημένοις (pro-ke-cheir-o-to-ne-me'n-ois) in Acts 10:41. Dr. Luke was referring to those who had the special joy of being witnesses of Jesus' resurrection!

Appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of the language God has given us to learn of Him and communicate Him to others.

Pastor Billy Peters



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