adult bible fellowship


We provide Adult Bible Fellowship groups that are committed to helping adults deal with current issues in their life in a biblical manner. These groups meet during the Children's Sunday School hour but go beyond the standard rule of study and prayer. Encouraged with and by the Adult Bible Fellowships we also offer:

Men and Women of the Word

Men and Women of the Word are Quarterly meetings during the Sunday Evening services where Men and Women separate for specific dedicated topics. Thus, it is a privilege to follow the model set out in Titus where the older men and women are to teach the younger generation.

Dinner for 8

Don't know many people in the church outside of your age group or Adult Bible Fellowship? Dinners for 8 are quarterly fellowship gatherings of eight mixed situation adults intended for the purpose of building relationships. Sign up is available for hosting a dinner or simply attending.


Spring 2018

This spring our ABF Classes will be following a different schedule than normal. We will be meeting all toghether for 3 weeks, then finishing the quarter in our separate class offerings. 



God's Plan for Infulencing Others through the Local Church

Combined Adult & Teen Class - Auditorium 


March 11 - March 25

This special 3 week class will focus on how as a church we can reach out to our local community. Combined Class for all adults and teens


Young Married Class - From Surviving to Thriving

Downstairs 0-2


April 1 - May 27

It is never too late for renewal. This series on marriage will challenge you to tranform your marriage froma dutiful contract that merely survives to an exciting relationship that thrives. 


Life Touching Life



April 1 - May 27

We will discover how baptism, membership, the 'One-Anothers', and the principle of the older teaching the younger contribute to the making of a truly strong local church.