adult bible fellowship


We provide Adult Bible Fellowship groups that are committed to helping adults deal with current issues in their life in a biblical manner. These groups meet during the Children's Sunday School hour but go beyond the standard rule of study and prayer. Encouraged with and by the Adult Bible Fellowships we also offer:

Men and Women of the Word

Men and Women of the Word are Quarterly meetings during the Sunday Evening services where Men and Women separate for specific dedicated topics. Thus, it is a privilege to follow the model set out in Titus where the older men and women are to teach the younger generation.

Dinner for 8

Don't know many people in the church outside of your age group or Adult Bible Fellowship? Dinners for 8 are quarterly fellowship gatherings of eight mixed situation adults intended for the purpose of building relationships. Sign up is available for hosting a dinner or simply attending.


Winter 2018-2019



Book of Hebrews - Auditorium

Join us as we study through the New Testament letter to the Hebrew believers. We will be meeting in the auditorium.


Biblical Parenting - Classroom 01 (Downstairs)

This class is designed for those members who are in their child rearing stage of life.


Church Essentials - Youth Room

Beginning Sunday, January 20 - College and Career will be studying why it is important to be involved in the body of believers and Church Membership.