adult bible fellowship


We provide Adult Bible Fellowship groups that are committed to helping adults deal with current issues in their life in a biblical manner. These groups meet during the Children's Sunday School hour but go beyond the standard rule of study and prayer. Encouraged with and by the Adult Bible Fellowships we also offer:

Men and Women of the Word

Men and Women of the Word are Quarterly meetings during the Sunday Evening services where Men and Women separate for specific dedicated topics. Thus, it is a privilege to follow the model set out in Titus where the older men and women are to teach the younger generation.

Dinner for 8

Don't know many people in the church outside of your age group or Adult Bible Fellowship? Dinners for 8 are quarterly fellowship gatherings of eight mixed situation adults intended for the purpose of building relationships. Sign up is available for hosting a dinner or simply attending.



Spring 2017 11:00 AM


Book of James

This class will be studying the marks of maturity in the Christian's life and asking ourselves "Do we dare to examine our own hearts to see how 'mature' we really are?" Join us for this convicting look into the mirror of God's word.

"...he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it...this one will be blessed in what he does." - James 1:25

Taught by Jim Juvinall in the Sanctuary


Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About Fear but were Afraid to Ask

In this class we will discuss fear in the life of a believer - good fear vs bad fear and which one is in control of you life. Taught by Kyle DeYarman in the Downstairs Room 0-1



Summer 2017 11:00 AM


Jonah - You Can't Outrun Grace! A video series by Paul D. Tripp

Are you running from God? Jonah tried. His story is a short, bizarre, powerful tale,dense in Biblical Theology. We don't learn a lot about the prophet Jonah or hear any prophecy from him, but Paul Tripp is deeply persuaded that every element of a Biblical Worldview is embedded in these 48 verses.

The purpose of Jonah, and this study, is not to merely inform your theology. The purpose of Jonah is transformational. Jonah should change the way you live. Our prayer is that in this study you will encounter the stunning beauty of grace, the grace that is the single hope of the universe.

You may have read Jonah a hundred times, but have you ever seen yourself in Jonah? Have you ever seen Jesus in the book of Jonah? You will in this study. All adults are invited to join us for a time of video study and class interaction as we learn about the grace of God thorough the life of Johan.